Join Our Christ Centered Interdenominational Prayer Meetings for Gresham.

Join Our Christ Centered Interdenominational Prayer Meetings for Gresham.

Join Our Christ Centered Interdenominational Prayer Meetings for Gresham.Join Our Christ Centered Interdenominational Prayer Meetings for Gresham.Join Our Christ Centered Interdenominational Prayer Meetings for Gresham.

@ Mount Hood Community College. 2600 SE Stark St.  Building # 10 room 1005. Gresham Oregon 97030.  Use Parking area A & B  

Mount Hood Community College Map With Meeting Location


 Gresham - 

What would happen if God’s people decided to rise up and pray as one with no regard to denominational differences? 


God's blessing in our local community:

1. Government Leaders

2. Education System

3. Business & Finance

4. Media

5. Entertainment & ARTS

6. Families

7. Pastors, Priests, Leaders, Believers & Ministries

8. The lost, Broken & Hurting


We are seeking  the opportunity to Love God...Love People... and Serve Both!  By working with fellow Christians willing to align themselves in the heart of Jesus Christ to see our city changed by the mighty power of God's great love. We believe God is now  raising up the faith to heal whole cities. He is looking for the ones who are not afraid to pray and declare to the dry command breath in them with expectation that God is raising to life the things once dead in our community.  Ezekiel 37

Founder of CPR Evangelist Tony Caiazza

Our Vision For Community Prayer Room

Mission Statement


Our Mission is three-fold and can only be done through the heart of Jesus Christ in us and our willingness to be used by Him. Matthew 9:36-38

Love: First things first… Love God, Love people and serve both. We believe when people can set aside their own agenda and in love pursue the needs of others, then we ourselves will also be fulfilled in the process. CPR is not a place of judgment or political opinions or controversy. We pray through the love and the power of Jesus Christ for His blessings to fall upon our community. Mark 12:29-30, Proverbs 11:25, 1 Cor 13:1-2

Unity: In a world of such division today we believe it’s imperative if Jesus Christ lives inside our hearts we need to stand and unite! Yes, our theologies may differ on some things, but nevertheless we are all one body! one church!... and Christ is the head over all! It is with this firm belief that we need to cast aside our differences and work from our common strength and that is Jesus Christ in us. CPR is not a church…it’s not a church substitute, in fact we require you to participate in your church fellowship serve your church! There is no prayer meeting on Sundays to guard this purpose. CPR is about gathering the many parts of Christ in the community from the Lutherans to the Pentecostals etc. and pray for life/healing in our land. It’s CPR’s mission to unite pastors and ministries in the common goal of unity and strengthening each other as we pray in one accord Your Kingdom Come…Your Will Be Done. Colossians 3:13-14, John 17:23, Philippians 2:1-4

Prayer: Can you image how blessed our Lord would be to see us united in prayer?! Think about how He would be pleased to see His people who are called by His name would humble themselves together and pray and seek His face. We believe God desires His people to proclaim His promises in prayer over this community! That the power of God is breathing upon the prayers of His people as we seek His will. God can change the atmosphere of our city and move the mountains that have hindered our line of site of seeing Him for who He truly is. We believe there are seven mountains of influence that must be transformed through the loving compassionate heart of Christ and His mighty power that is available for us who believe for the tearing down of strongholds. These mountains that influence society are the following:

1. Government 2. Education 3. Religion 4. Entertainment/Arts 5. Business/Finance 6. Media 7. Families

Imagine if we took the time to pray blessing over our local Government officials, Law enforcement etc. Imagine prayer over each school and district leaders, faculty and students…Praying over the local church body and its leaders and congregations. Praying over social media, movies, music, games and entertainment that influence so many young and old alike. How about the local businesses and finance institutions praying blessing and salvation into these companies? Even our local media...praying for truth and news inspired from the Holy Spirit. What about our families? Protecting and blessing families from so many things from divorce, drugs, infidelity, addictions, mental illness and disease etc.

We have created prayer stations or what we call prayer walls  dedicated to each of these mountains with a local mindset and a precision focus with pictures and names of the people, places and things we ask God to bless.  Laying hands and praying the prayer of faith on each situation. Our prayer walls are for you to also place prayers and prayer requests... It’s a community Prayer Room! 

We have been blessed to have the use of our own private room with audio video service and seating for at least 60! This has been donated for the entire year of 2020! Remember this is a public prayer gathering for all denominations willing to pray for healing on our city through our lord and savior Jesus Christ. We focus on Jesus and seek His heart as we pray. Theological debates and politics are not tolerated this is not that type of meeting.  In respect to that... please join us and if you play music come worship the Lord and make your sound! 

 Let's rise and pray into our land and expect God to do great things! Is nothing too difficult for God?! 2 Chronicles 7:14, Ephesians 6:18, 1 Timothy 2:1-8, Matthew 9:36-38

Files coming soon.